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Periodicity of Interaction Coefficients of Al and Si in Molten Fe-Based Alloys Arranged with Periodical Table and Phase Diagrams

Periodicity of the interaction coefficients of Al and Si; εAlj and εSij in molten iron was analyzed to try generalization of the interaction coefficients. The coefficients of both Al and Si, which are important for deoxidation of molten steels, arranged with periodic table show periodicity with each Period from 2 to 5. Referring to the phase diagrams of Al-j systems, the melting point of the first compound from the Al-j liquid solution was focused on. It was found that the interaction coefficients increased with increasing the melting point of the compounds. The empirical correlations were found as εAlJ= 0.019*TM (compound)-19.48 (Al-system) and εSiJ= 0.053*TM (compound)-74.35 (Si-system) TM is the melting point of the compound. The periodicity was more improved by applying the above equations than the first plots.

Interaction Coefficient, Al, Si, Periodic Table, Periodicity

Hidekazu Todoroki. (2023). Periodicity of Interaction Coefficients of Al and Si in Molten Fe-Based Alloys Arranged with Periodical Table and Phase Diagrams. Science Journal of Chemistry, 11(4), 155-160.

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